Termites in action
Girder eaten up by termites

THE PROBLEM: Termites cause much damage to wood, paper, fabrics, and electrical cable lining. In the wood they are able to dig tunnels parallel to the fibers, thus destroying the interior and leaving only a thin layer of wood or paint externally which can cause structural failures. Books, leather, and fabrics are completely ruined, and the erosion of the electrical cable lining can result in short circuits with unforeseeable outcomes. Nearly 20% of house fires are attributed to short circuits in wires caused by termites and rodents.

AVOID: Insecticides or fumigant canisters can poison the entire family, including children and pets, and do not solve the problem. Very often termites build their nest at a distance and those solutions eliminate only the specimens affected.

OUR SOLUTION: Since termites may build their nest outside the house, often quite far from the places they infest, the fight against them needs to follow three phases: (1) Localization, (2) Treatment and (3) Monitoring.

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Termatrac T3i

Localization: First of all we need to find out where the termites are. For this purpose we use Termatrac T3i, which is a sophisticated digital system for detecting and monitoring the presence of termites. It combines three different technologies: a detection radar, a laser-guided thermal sensor and a state-of-the-art moisture sensor. The synergy between these technologies allows a definite and reliable localization of termites through walls, ceilings, floors, plaster, metal, cement, concrete, tiles, carpet and many other common building materials. This allows us to treat the problem exactly where it exists with non-invasive techniques, and a significant cost reduction.

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Treatment: Once the presence of the infesting insect is established, our company employs the well-knows Exterra® method to solve the problem. Worldwide, this method is recognized as one of the most effective—if not the most effective—in the fight against termites. It is a guaranteed method because it exploits the instinctive habits of this insect, which never change. It is also an absolutely eco-friendly and safe method: the bait used has a level of toxicity for humans and pets equal to that of sodium chloride; more commonly referred to as kitchen salt.

The Exterra method involves an intercepting or luring phase. This is accomplished by installing patented ground stations equipped with interceptors, namely laths made of a wood particularly appealing to termites.

Station in the ground, lid open
Station in the ground, lid closed


Monitoring: After the installation of the luring stations all around the property, we wait for 4-8 weeks after which our technicians will inspect all the stations. Those invaded by termites, attracted by the interceptors, are baited. The bait consists of a patented product that does not kill the termites immediately but, instead, is extremely appealing to them. They instinctively carry the “food” into the nest and every insect, including the queen, consume it. This leads inevitably to the complete elimination of the colony.

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