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Here’s a list of some of our clients’ testimonials. We have made so many happy clients and we are proud to share some of our experiences with you. We would love receiving your review. If you can spare a couple of minutes to send us your feedback, please click here.

Thank you for the service provided. I will certainly recommend your company to fellow neighbors. (José)

Very professional and fast service. (Michele)

I was incredibly pleased with the services that were provided at each step in the process. First, there was the gentleman who answered my initial call and answered my questions about what the process looked like and the cost. Second, there was a follow-up conversation with Nisha who was also very helpful and courteous and helped me to quickly and efficiently schedule a date for service. Finally, Julio and Fabian were knowledgeable, professional, and kind. This was a traumatic experience but they helped make it a lot better. I truly appreciate the professionalism of everyone with whom I interacted. (Audra)

I mean seriously!!! These guys put to shame so many competitors. Before them I asked assistance from another company who basically did nothing and told me I had no issue and wanted a tip like "stick a fORKINit I'm done" 😭😭... WHEN I CALLED EPC ALL THAT CHANGED. They came in, super professional from the start, handled business, talked through things at times to help educate me in the matter, answered all my questions to my full satisfaction, were very tentative to areas I was worried about, and when they were done I felt comfortable in my home again! Thank you! (Daniel)

I could not have imagined how easy Julio and Fabian made what I had thought would be a traumatic situation. . . . It’s been one week since they came, found, and destroyed the bedbugs and there hasn’t been a sign of any recurrence. . . . I already recommended Ecofriendly-exterminating to a friend who used their services last week. And I’ve recommended the company to the management company for the coop I live in. Thanks very much (Amy)

Dear Mr. R, The guys who did the liquid nitrogen treatment were very nice - and I said I would introduce them to you in the event there is someone in the building who needs pest control and wants something organic/ecofriendly. So I am introducing you by email... I think they did a very good job on my apartment (Suzanne)

Knowledgeable, polite service person (Tom) Hopefully no further problems. Thanks! (Anthony)

For a number of months I had roaches in my pub hiding everywhere. When I contacted you I received some useful information on the spot and, soon after that, you solved my problem in one visit. Very professional, fully satisfied (Mike)

I had a problem with ants in the house, I tried everything but nothing seemed to work, ants disappeared for a while but then reappeared. On top of that most pesticides had a bad smell. I finally contacted EPC and you solved the problem with a nontoxic gel. Thank you guys (Robert)

Por tres meses hemos tenido un gran problema con chinches en dos dormitorios, los insecticidas no solucionaban el problema y cada mañana nos despertábamos llenos de picaduras y cada vez más desesperados. Que alivio cuando todo ha vuelto a la normalidad con tan solo un tratamiento con nitrógeno líquido. Muchísimas gracias por su profesionalidad (Carlos)

I had a problem with bed bugs and after trying two pest control companies - to no effect - I was lucky enough to bump into you. The nightmare is finally over! Well done, you solved the problem in an environmentally friendly manner and at a reasonable price (Becky)

Every year ants invaded my kitchen. I tried every pesticide and insect-powder I could think of, risking poisoning myself and my family while cooking, but to no avail. Then I contacted you and you solved my problem in a fast and ecofriendly way. Thank you so much (Priscilla)

¡Muchas gracias! Me han librado de las cucarachas de una vez gracias a su milagroso gel ecológico (Margarita)

A few weeks ago my family and I lived a horrible experience. My kitchen was badly infested with cockroaches! I called you and the guy with whom I spoke proved to be very professional and reassuring. The treatment was fast and the results exceptional. Thanks guys! (Doug)

Thank you for your testimonials. We are very happy to serve you and always strive to go the extra mile to turn our clients into fans! Remember: your satisfaction is our pride!

Your privacy is important to us. We will NEVER sell your Personal Information to third parties. As regards our services, our vehicles do not carry bed bug signage, our liquid nitrogen freezing treatments do not require any advance preparation and our visits are short and discreet.
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