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THE PROBLEM: Finding holes on dresses, jackets, sweaters, socks and woolen scarves is really annoying. If you see moths flying, the worst is over, since the flying insects do not eat wool or fabrics. They did it in their “youth”, that is, a few months earlier, when they were still small caterpillars. They are great at camouflage, and, without being seen, they eat up our dresses bit by bit.

OUR SOLUTION: Our innovative systems which include pheromone traps and a cutting-edge liquid nitrogen freezing treatment ensure the resolution of the problem in an eco-friendly, effective, convenient and conclusive way without using toxic pesticides. The first ones consisting of adhesive-lined cardboard enclosures can help monitor the current infestation and prevent males from mating with females, since they contain particular substances that act as means of sexual attraction for the pest which remains trapped. In addition we offer the most advanced freezing technology based on liquid nitrogen. This treatment is totally green and organic in that nitrogen makes up about 78% of the air we breathe, and it has long been used successfully in the food industry and even in surgery. It reaches the temperature of 240 degrees below zero (-240°F) causing a cryogenic burn that leaves no way out to both moths and their eggs. Liquid nitrogen leaves no residue making the treated area immediately fit to live in, with no smell whatsoever and a toxicity level amounting to zero. In addition, the cryogenic burn caused by liquid nitrogen does not damage in any way fabrics and fittings.

AVOID: Sprays are generally toxic to mammals, particularly cats. Mothballs are dangerous as well, because they are made of naphthalene which sublimates into a gas heavier than air and needs to reach a high concentration around the protected material to be effective, with the disadvantages that vapors are toxic and carcinogenic; mothballs are poisonous and should not be put where they can be eaten by children or pets. Naphthalene mothballs are also highly flammable.

CONCLUSION: Our treatments are effective, convenient, completely eco-friendly, do not need any advance preparation of the areas to be treated and your house or apartment will not be messed up. Get in touch with us, we will be delighted to provide you with a free estimate without any obligation on your part. Remember: your satisfaction is our pride!

Your privacy is important to us. We will NEVER sell your Personal Information to third parties. As regards our services, our vehicles do not carry bed bug signage, our liquid nitrogen freezing treatments do not require any advance preparation and our visits are short and discreet.
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