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Your guest’s experience is our top priority. To protect it, it is vital to keep pests away from their accommodations. Our pest control services are carried out with discretion and ensure long-term protection against mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other pests. For more information call us at one of the numbers listed above or write to us. Special rates are available for hotels and other accommodation facilities in New York City and Long Island to help eliminate bed bugs using our safest and most effective technique: Liquid Nitrogen Treatment.

Hotel kitchens and restaurants require special protection against mice, rats, ants, roaches and flying insects, as food safety and hygiene are a must.

If pest management is not performed thoroughly, unwanted insects and mice will move from food preparation and storage areas into the restaurant or onto the guest’s food!

The biggest threat to the comfort and good night’s rest of hotel guests are bed bugs and other stinging bugs such as fleas.

Bedbugs are becoming an ever-growing problem in hotels around the world. All hotels are prone to bed bug infestation, especially if the location has many international guests.

Swift action against bed bugs is crucial. Preventive treatment eliminates the prospect of these pesky insects spreading to neighboring or adjacent rooms.

Our experts are committed to providing a discreet and effective pest control service, designed to protect your guests, your earnings and your reputation.

Free inspection: Our thorough inspection allows us to determine the best pest control approach for your hotel.

Experience in hotel industry: We have a team of competent technicians whose goal is to protect the reputation of your hotel. We can easily identify and help address any structural vulnerabilities that could offer an entryway or a safe hiding place to pests.

Customized solutions: We offer a range of safe, effective and discreet solutions tailored to the specific needs of your facility.

We can impart your staff the ability to detect the earliest signs of infestations.

Raising employee awareness on pest problems ensures prompt detection and resolution to any pest problem.

Reduce treatment time: Early intervention reduces the time needed for effective control.

Reduce costs: Our training greatly reduces the need for and overall cost of professional treatments.

Protect your reputation: Bed bugs pose a serious threat to hotels. Knowledge of these pests means being able to control the problem with discretion, and without disruption to your guests. This helps to ensure that the presence of any pest does not cause undue alarm and promotes confidentiality. Protecting the public opinion of your brand is our priority.

Your privacy is important to us. We will NEVER sell your Personal Information to third parties. As regards our services, our vehicles do not carry bed bug signage, our liquid nitrogen freezing treatments do not require any advance preparation and our visits are short and discreet.
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