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Bird control and prevention
Our ecological product is prepared in ready-to-use containers. When detected by birds they see an ultraviolet light, that they perceive as fire. Because of this, the press nicknamed it ‘fire gel’. (It is also available in ready-to-use dishes, for quick and easy use.)

Since it was first used in the UK in 2011, our eco-friendly product has been recognized as an effective, non-invasive, non-cruel method to control birds. It is being used in well-known premises such as Covent Garden Market and Paddington Station in London, Mont St. Michel in Normandy, Chataeu de Chambord in the Loire Valley, Lutyens Thiepval Memorial in Piccardie (France), the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland to keep seagulls away.

Our eco-friendly product keeps the birds away from all types of premises, without harming them. It works by modifying their behaviour, not acting as a physical barrier. With this method, birds resort to leaving their habitat, even after years of habitation. Our ecological product is applied in dishes that are only 8mm thick. As they are so small, the dishes are invisible at ground level, so they will not affect the appearance of the building.

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