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We perform outdoor and indoor ant control. Supported by cutting-edge technology and environmentally-friendly methods, our staff are able to control ant infestation in any type of environment.

Ants are well known to be at their most harmful during seasonal changes, in which they engage in a hectic search for food. They do this to feed the queens’ higher need for protein as egg production reaches its maximum. At this time they are also looking for new areas to build their nests. Ants have a very keen sense of smell. In general they are known to prefer sugary compounds, however, as they are omnivore insects it is critical that areas where food is stored, are kept thoroughly clean at all times, especially in their periods of food search. In fact, effective ant control starts with proper identification. This can be done by understanding the pests’ typical behaviour.

In order to control the infestation of ants in particular, it is essential to be able to distinguish between the different families of ants, and to analyze their breeding and eating habits in detail.

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In the United States there are different species of hazardous ants. When they succeed to settle in an environment, the damage they cause requires specific pest control actions. The first step of effective control is identifying the nest and killing the queen. It might also be necessary to use repelling substances to force them out of their nest.

It is a known fact that these insects only live in large colonies. Understanding their hierarchies allows us to treat the infested areas in the most effective way.

The colony is divided into three castes, that is groups, based on morphology and work organization:

- Female Workers
- Queens
- Males

The female workers and the so called ‘army ants’ are in charge of food search and extending the nest by creating new passageways. The queen, initially winged, lays eggs. The male ant is winged and dies after mating. Using toxic pesticides (which are harmful to humans) to rid an area of ants, is not a permanent solution, because doing so only kills the female workers. The queens and males will remain unaffected, and will continue to reproduce.

Our ant control method is based on the knowledge and observation of ants, the analysis of their social behaviour and breeding. It is aimed at inducing the workers to transport deadly substances to all the queens and males, these substances being harmless to humans and pets. Our action will not affect your daily routine and there is no need to move furniture or leave the home.

Our treatments are effective, convenient, completely eco-friendly, do not need any advance preparation of the areas to be treated, your house or apartment will not be messed up, and you will not need to dispose of anything in that all infested object will be sanitized and recovered. Get in touch with us, we will be delighted to provide you with a free estimate without any obligation on your part. Remember: your satisfaction is our pride!

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